Telecom Infra Build & Connectivity Solutions

End-to-end service delivery to telecom service providers

Build a strong foundation for your telecom infrastructure with our connectivity solutions. We offer comprehensive support for designing, implementing, and maintaining robust telecom networks. Our solutions are tailored to ensure reliable and efficient communication services.

GTPL in Telecom Industry

GTPL have entered into the field of telecom for fabrication and erection of communication towers, masts in full range of light, medium and heavy duty self supporting Angular and Tubular towers for both roof top and ground based applications. We have erected communication towers from the ground up to 100 mtrs. and on building up to 30 mtrs. We will continue to play an important part in this field by helping to deploy emerging latest technologies. In particular we believe that our Commitment, Relationship with our clients and our Project Management Expertise enables us to compete successfully in the Industry.

Our goal has always been to be the premier provider of the highest quality service & solution. We have continuously achieved these ambitions through high work ethics, technical updation and maintaining higher end employee safety parameters.

Telecom Related Services


GTPL’s unique solution engineering services and expertise stack amplify market relevance by improving performance and revenue potential by managing increased traffic and the number of connected devices for telecom service providers.