Cloud and DevOps Engineering

Cloud native engineering to build scalable, reliable and operationally excellent digital products

Legacy tech can’t keep up with modern business requirements anymore. We help you leverage cloud-native technologies to build auto-scaling infrastructures, curate delightful customer experiences, and architect cutting-edge digital solutions.

Our cloud-native services

Choose cloud-native capabilities to solve complex business challenges, support your growing business, and deliver customer-centric solutions. We offers a range of cloud-native services to help navigate your way to business objectives.

Cloud development services

Maximize your business value by adopting end-to-end cloud solutions. With scalable computing resources at focus, we help you migrate resource-intensive processes, bringing better business agility and achieving the flexibility your business needs.

  • Cloud-native app development– We expertise in terms of architecture patterns and best practices help you make the best use of cloud-native technologies to create, deploy, adopt and upgrade cloud-native applications.

  • Serverless– Use our serverless application development and consulting services and forget about the backend provisioning or maintenance and focus solely on delivering an exceptional user experience to your customers.

  • Cloud architecture design and review– Implement the latest cloud capabilities, and minimize system downtime with proven cloud architecture design services and tested strategies.

DevOps services

Sync your development and operational capabilities to accelerate product lifecycle with our DevOps managed services. With continuous integration and delivery at the focus, we help you automate processes, strengthen app security, upgrade architecture, and more.

  • DevOps consulting– We devise the best DevOps implementation strategies to help streamline your workflows, automate CI/CD pipelines, accelerate software delivery, and adhere to the highest development standards.

  • Cloud infrastructure management– Get your cloud infrastructure ready to support a fast-paced delivery model, powered by DevOps, with your management services. We help you keep downtimes at bay, manage resources efficiently, and scale seamlessly.

  • CI/CD services– Keep up with evolving market trends and user requirements with DevOps practices that help you deploy and manage CI/CD pipelines. Roll out innovative solutions at a much greater speed while resolving issues at a higher cadence with our expert CI/CD services.

BI and data engineering services

Convert data from an inconvenient liability to a key business enabler. Our data engineers and BI experts enable you to collect, digest, and secure enterprise-wide data, improving decision-making through the rich insights delivered.

  • Data architecture and pipelining– Our data management experts will help you address data silos and implement data lakes that become the single source of truth for your data pipelines to enable rapid growth.

  • Data governance and security– Our data management experts equip you with the right tactics and tools to skillfully guide your business through various data regulations and laws enforced in different regions of the world.

  • AIOPs/MLOPs– Gain a strategic business advantage by harnessing your enterprise data through intelligent AI and ML algorithms.

Software Development in Cutting-Edge Technologies

Big Data

Handle enormous amounts of data and limitless tasks virtually using cloud service-compatible frameworks like MongoDB, Hadoop, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Scale your application smartly. Ranging from middleware to architecture creation, our team builds sleek IoT interfaces for all MVP.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Harness of the power of automation. We create AI capabilities that are reliable and interpretable with your software architecture.

VR and AR app Development

Leverage the power of VR and AR. Tap into our WebVR, photogrammetry, and Storyboarding skills in development.

Machine Learning (ML)

Develop your app intelligently. Build, train, and deploy ML models for various use cases of your application as desired.


Create DApps, build multi-blockchain compatible features, smart contracts with cryptocurrency solutions, and integrate REST APIs.