Server Support

GTPL in Server Support Industry

Empower Enterprise-level Decision Making with a Robust Server Support Process

We offer cost-effective, outsourced IT support for server and domain registration services for Linux, CISCO, AWS, and Windows servers. Our server support covers 24/7 server management, technical support, and server monitoring service.  

Different servers come with varied control panels, and as a committed outsourced IT support provider, we have already prepared custom methodologies to match those control panel variations. These methodologies are very much customizable to customers’ preferences. And in case a customer is still in the process of finding the best server for their business, we give full assistance with a server management plan. This is to help them choose the best server according to how their processes are wired across the board.  

With the growth of cloud-based businesses these days, server downtimes can happen anytime. Our tech experts are strategically placed in different parts of the globe to give customers around-the-clock support, ensuring zero-server downtime and completing the end-to-end managed IT support services model we are offering. 

We take the tedious server management and the other IT-related tasks for customers to focus on creating bigger strides for their business. 

What we do for efficient Server Management?

  • We ensure safety of your severs by carefully setting up the security in the beginning and conduct periodic audits.
  • We regularly update the OS and installed software to keep your servers tuned up.
  • We optimize your servers for maximum productivity.
  • We protect the servers from spam and viruses by installing the corresponding software.
  • We care about the data stored on servers so we perform backup and data recovery if needed.
  • We thoroughly analyze the market to provide our customers with the most efficient product and technologies.
  • We know your server’s strength and weakness; hence we analyze their performance and conduct stress tests.