Managed Team Extension

With the Team Extension Model, our engineers become an integral part of your team during the entire project. You focus on your business priorities while we take care of sourcing, onboarding, and managing the right developers, QA experts, and operations engineers for your growing business requirements.

  • Long-Term Engagement– Our team assists you throughout the software development lifecycle. Just like your in-house team, we support you through all the challenges along the way with high emphasis on quality.

  • Balanced Team– To ensure top quality and optimum speed in development, you get balanced agile teams which leverage iterative development to achieve your business goals.

  • Swift fulfillment– We take pride in speed — it typically takes only 24-72 hours for our clients to receive a list of top candidates. We have a streamlined recruitment process that enables our team to find the best experts in the market.

Tech roadmap with a hiring plan

Depending on your goals, we prepare a tech roadmap with a hiring plan that includes details on what skill set and experience your team needs to have.

The detailed tech roadmap includes things like what tech stack to use and how to navigate through tech complexities of the project.

Sourcing and screening talent to match your needs

We look internally to find the perfect candidates. If we don’t find the right candidates then we tap our partner, run campaigns and use our recruiting strength to hire candidates matching your specs.

They are tested for communication skills and problem solving ability through a series of video interviews. Here, we are looking for people with highly relevant skill sets, well-documented code, and a disciplined approach to testing.

Selection and hiring

We do full reference checks on your behalf with their previous clients and employers. We sign NDA and full proof legal contract to make sure your IP is protected.

Speed is what we take pride in — it typically takes only 24-72 hours for our clients to receive a short list of top candidates.