IT & Telecom Networking

Connect and collaborate confidently with our IT and telecom networking solutions. We design and implement scalable networks to meet the demands of your growing business. Our solutions ensure seamless communication, supporting the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

What is IT networking

IT networking, more commonly referred to as computer networking, refers to a network of interconnected computers that could further interact and exchange resources. These integrated devices exchange data through wireless or physical technology solutions using a set of guidelines known as communications protocols.
Data exchange and transmission between nodes in a data system take place through networking, which uses a single point of access. The planning, building, maintenance, support, and administration of the networking technology, software, and regulation are all included in networking. All of it is made possible via networking, including emails and texts, multimedia, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why IT networking is needed?

The IT industry’s inherent networking component has the power to drastically alter its scope. Nearly every sector of business, whether IT or otherwise, seems to need networking facilities at some point to adapt and progressively thrive.

IT networking in India keep up with new technologies and frequently combine techniques like Local area networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and corporate links. IT networking over the internet or a private wide area network can communicate with other devices, terminals, and interfaces on a local area network (LAN) or to a larger network (WAN). Network operators, enterprises, and clients use this technology across the world to engage, receive services, and encourage collaboration of resources.

All firms and organizations can benefit from the assistance of IT networking companies in India to build reliable networks for their operations and improve efficiency and dependability.

Services that IT networking can provide

When designing resilient and expansive networking, Value Point Systems gives firms an advantage over other IT networking companies in India in terms of expertise and performance.

LAN services

A local area network (LAN) is a cluster of connected devices located in the same place, like a residence or workplace. The size of a wired connection (LAN) can range from a small, solitary local network in a house to a vast, industrial system with hundreds and thousands of network nodes for users. Both Wi-Fi and cellular connections are possible in a LAN. No matter the size, the primary feature of a LAN is that it links devices together in a small space.


SDN is referred to as software-based networking. It focuses on traffic control in central software-based processes enabling a speedier reaction to changing conditions without limiting server access.

WAN services 

A wide-area network (WAN) links people, numerous LANs, and several end-user systems over a sizable territory. The internet is also known as a wide-area network since it unites prominent firms, varied locales, distant professionals, suppliers, and data centers (WAN). Users can access critical data and run programs on the shared network from any location. Leased connections, wireless connections, and other approaches akin to these can be used to offer physical connectivity in WANs.


Also referred to as Internet-based networking and built on SDN principles, IBN improves agility and automates business processes while keeping track of performance, identifying issues and flaws, and supplying general security through integrating all services.

Enterprise services 

A significant company’s corporate network must adhere to strict criteria and robust cybersecurity processes. A firm’s infrastructure and networking facilities should be easily accessible, flexible, transparent, and long-lasting because networking is essential for the operation of any firm today. Personnel such as network operators, technicians, and supervisors should build, install, evaluate, and troubleshoot these networks using technologies. LANs and WANs are useful for general business and IT networking and corporate networking.


Also known as controller-based networking, these services aim at translating business requirements to a continuously monitored environment to scale networks and automate network operations for increased performance and security.

Virtualization services

These services create overlay networks by dividing the core network infrastructure and adjusting security and quality of service (QoS).

Multidomain integrations 

Cross-network integration calls for the exchange of operating parameters for the intended purpose because larger organizations are constructed across multiple domains and utilize various networks.

Networking services 

Service providers use WANs to link certain clients or businesses. They can provide managed services that are more advanced or just basic broadband connections for integrating with enterprises. Furthermore, such suppliers deliver internet and mobile services to customers.

How do IT Networking function?

GTPL offers holistic networking advantages for firms. Organizations are embracing digitalization, which goes beyond integration, and their networking links are crucial to such a success. Although there are many distinctions between routers and switches, one of the most significant is how they detect end devices.

Access points, switches, and routers are a few examples of dedicated hardware used in communication networks. Switches are network-connected equipment that allows safe connections amongst computers, peripheral devices, databases, and other equipment in homes and businesses. Access points are equipment that allows wireless connections between computers and systems. For tying networks together, routers act as dispatchers. They examine data that needs to be sent through a network, choose the optimal routes, and then send it. Routers are devices that connect your residence or workplace to the outside world, all the while safeguarding your data from infiltration.
Nowadays, routing technology is present in practically all switches. In a network, equipment and networks are recognized using their MAC and IP addresses. The equipment manufacturer gives a network interface card (NIC) a MAC address. A network’s IP address is simply the individual number issued to it to aid in accurately identifying the network and its access points.

After analyzing your access and processing needs GTPL offers sophisticated systems.

How to choose among the IT networking companies in India?

While selecting amongst the various IT networking companies in India to partner with, a firm must make a note of the following:

  • To facilitate communication, all files needed by numerous users can be kept on a central node (the primary file server) and subsequently shared within the network system without sacrificing the need for external access points.
  • Companies also simplify problem-solving because linked equipment only has a segregated functionality that can be fixed separately without affecting other server components. In this case, backup data is also a significant factor in managing risk.
  • If networking is done incorrectly, your connection security may be seriously jeopardized. It might lead to criminals breaking in via your private window and putting businesses at risk.
  • Inappropriate networking can be expensive and cost your company money since it might enforce the incorrect management technique. Therefore, enlisting the assistance of suitable networking businesses aids in overcoming the difficulties.

Why you should choose GTPL

GTPL assists business owners with a wide variety of merchandise such as Cisco access points, wireless internet, and switches and assists in effectively deploying businesses.

The Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points with a new Wi-Fi standard that delivers high-frequency radio encryption for a denser business environment are just one example of the many encrypted devices that GTPL offers.

GTPL , with its impressive 15-year history, goes above and beyond in terms of networking with companies by presenting accurate and reliable results and distinctive perks that cover execution, registration, supervising for safety, and can be regarded as one of the most reliable partners in delegating their products.

Any corporate organization must have effective protection and thorough data encryption due to the growth of IoT devices, increasing mobility, and high traffic.

GTPL has proven to be the greatest partnership option for business networking thanks to integrated security, superior connectivity, and improved online threat detection systems. It ensures the smooth operation of the business through a meticulous data management system.