IT Enabled Industries

Propel your industry into the digital age with our IT-enabled solutions. We empower businesses to leverage technology for growth and competitiveness. Our tailored IT solutions are designed to address industry-specific challenges, driving efficiency and innovation.

IT Enabled Services, refers to the outsourcing of processes in which the provider utilizes telecommunication technologies and the Internet to provide those services, mainly for companies in non-information technology (IT) fields.

A wide range of areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance, telecommunications, and finance use IT Enabled Services. Some of the services provided are call center services, medical transcription, bio-tech research, insurance claims, payroll, and credit card processing. Other services include customer care, human resources, administration, web marketing, back-office data processing, and accounting.

ITES providers offer e-commerce solutions to businesses from e-enabled sites. Services such as knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), games process outsourcing (GPO), and knowledge management all fall under the banner of ITES services.

ITES is a fast-growing global industry. Many large companies frequently outsource services to ITES providers in other countries.  Outsourcing saves the client company money and boosts the economic progress of the country providing the service by creating more jobs. 

The widespread application areas are those where an enormous amount of data that needs to be processed and utilized for delivering the results, or the data is the outcome of the service. In all cases, without IT, the task would be unmanageable.

Some of the most critical areas that deploy IT-enabled services are:

  • Telemarketing
  • Helpdesk
  • Customer Support Centers
  • Data Warehouse
  • Transcription Centers
  • GIS Mapping for Transport tracking
  • Electronic Distribution

Benefits of IT Enabled Industries

When you outsource staffing such as ITES, you engage a trusted third party to take over your recruitment, payroll, tax, and compliance. There is a range of benefits when you outsource staffing. These include:

Cost Reductions

  • Specialist employment partners outsource staffing and human resources services more cheaply than most firms would be able to do so themselves. India and Bangladesh are prominent hubs for ITES.

Flexibility and Speed

  • An outsourced staffing provider has the know-how and processes to acquire and onboard new staff for your business quickly. They can also respond promptly to any staffing issues as they arise. Therefore, your company does not need to hire permanent employees.


  • Your ITES provider can allow you to focus on your core business and tap into existing supply chains.

Talent acquisition

  • Depending on your overseas locations, your company may find it impossible to access the equivalent expertise when you try to hire employees directly.