Pearl Satkhol

Pearl Satkhol

Problem Statement:

The business problem at hand revolved around the cost associated with maintaining and developing the Pearl Satkhol website. The expenditure in terms of money, effort, and time was notably high. The annual cost was estimated at $10,000, and there was a need to optimize resource utilization without compromising the quality and performance of the website. Additionally, the development process needed streamlining to make it more efficient.

High-Level Approach to Solve Problem:

The high-level approach involved a two-month project focusing on cost savings. The strategy was to leverage the Next.js framework hosted on Vercel for website development. By consolidating the work under a single resource, we aimed to enhance efficiency and cut down on unnecessary expenses. Integration with Google Sheets was implemented to streamline backend processes and improve data management.

Process to Solve the Problem:

  1. Assessment: Conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing website maintenance and development processes.
  2. Resource Optimization: Utilized Next.js hosted on Vercel to streamline website development with a single resource.
  3. Backend Integration: Integrated Google Sheets for efficient backend processes.
  4. Quality Assurance: Ensured high-quality work and performance testing for the website.

Tools Used:

  • Next.js: Chosen for efficient and fast website development.
  • Vercel: Hosting platform to deploy and manage the Next.js application.
  • Google Sheets: Integrated for backend data management.

Challenges During Solving Problem: The primary challenges faced during the implementation included:

  1. Learning Curve: Adapting to the new technology stack posed a learning curve.
  2. Integration Complexity: Integrating with Google Sheets required careful handling to ensure seamless data flow.
  3. Resource Management: Ensuring optimal utilization of a single resource without compromising quality.

Solution: The solution involved the implementation of Next.js hosted on Vercel for website development, coupled with the integration of Google Sheets for backend processes. The result was a streamlined development process that significantly reduced annual costs.

Impact: Long-Term Impact:

  • Time: Streamlined development process led to time savings.
  • Effort: Reduced efforts in managing multiple resources.
  • Money: Annual cost savings of $10,000.

Short-Term Impact:

  • Time: Rapid development with a focused approach.
  • Effort: Efficient utilisation of a single resource.
  • Money: Immediate cost reduction by consolidating resources.

This solution not only addresses the immediate cost concerns but also sets the foundation for long-term efficiency and savings in website maintenance and development for Pearl Satkhol. The integration with Google Sheets further enhances data management capabilities, contributing to a more robust backend system.

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